Ricepaper The Label

Ricepaper: fashion and transparency

From her quaint studio in Brunswick, Eve reviews the details of her spring/summer collection.

“I’m flying out to Bali in two weeks to view it all. It’s pretty exciting,” shares Eve Walton-Healey, founder of Ricepaper The Label.

Made in Bali in small batches, Ricepaper was born from Eve’s commitment to doing things differently.

“I didn’t want to contribute to mindless production. I wanted to change the way the consumer buys fashion and educate the public on what happens behind the scenes in our industry”.

Behind the scenes, child and forced labour, unsafe working conditions and mindless production are still occurring.

Eve working on her winter 2018 collection
Eve working on her winter 2018 collection.

Ricepaper stays true to its name (a play on the connection between rice paper and its transparency), by keeping to small batch, longer production times and classic styles that you can wear beyond a season.

“My garments are a batch of 10 across a style. I never produce excess stock I don’t need – that’s just a waste.

“We use simple designs and beautiful fabrics. My first collection was made from rayon. I felt this was a good compromise as a self-funded label. For my spring/summer collection, I’ve introduced natural fibres for longer wearability.

“All production is done ethically: there is no child labour and everyone is being treated fairly in the factory. Most importantly, there are no time restraints put on them”.

The rise of fast fashion has seen the production time of garments reduced so that brands can churn out new styles more often. Some large fast fashion chains are known to introduce 400 new styles are week. Not only is this a serious problem to our environment as we contribute to a ‘throw away’ culture, it has a serious impact on the health and working conditions of garments workers as they are forced to keep up with larger production demands on a shorter time scale.

“I don’t want to contribute to that,” said Eve.

As for the future, Eve is hoping to grow a community of like-minded people, and continue to challenge the manufacturing industry to keep to responsible practice.

“It’s a journey. I take it one step at a time”.

December 21, 2018