Reebok cotton and corn shoes

Reebok launches plant-based footwear

Reebok has launched its first plant-based shoe made from cotton and corn.

Made from cotton upper and a corn-based sole, 75 per cent of the shoe is made from USDA certified biological material.

The news follows their announcement last year where they committed to creating shoes from ‘things that grow’.

Head of Reebok Future Bill McInnis explained to CBS News that style and sustainability were key.

“We used a silhouette that we knew people already loved and we made it out of these new materials”.

According to CBS News, Reebok make 20 billion shoes annually with approximately 300 million ending up in landfills.

The shoe is a move away from petroleum-based shoes. Instead, corn goes through a process that is eventually molded into a sole, which feels and wears like rubber.

A move in the right direction, McInnis explained to CBS News that the shoe is not biodegradable, yet – instead it’s sustainable because of what it’s made from.

While we weren’t able to find details about it’s manufacturing process, Reebok were rated A- in the 2018 Ethical Fashion Guide. The guide uses 33 separate criteria to analyse a company’s supply chain including policies, traceability and transparency, auditing and supplier relationships, and worker empowerment.

The undyed, unisex shoe comes in 100% recycled packaging and is available on their site.


Image by Reebok

August 15, 2018