Diversity in sustainable style

Celebrating women in sustainable style

In honour of International Women’s Day, we caught up with creative Tiffany Duliege (nee Teoh), shining a diversity lens on women working within sustainable fashion in Australia. According to The Guardian, Australian fashion week has never been good at diversity. While Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival’s recent independent runway IDENTITY featuring Ricepaper was a breath of fresh air, […]

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Handcrafted Minima clutch in black

Slow fashion: is handcrafted clothes better?

As the move away from fast fashion continues, we’ve seen the rise in designers going back to basics. Choosing to introduce handcrafted style into our collection, we learnt more time and effort goes into production. It had us questioning: is it better? Understanding that not all handcrafted items are created equal, we explore the top five […]

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Reebok cotton and corn shoes

Reebok launches plant-based footwear

Reebok has launched its first plant-based shoe made from cotton and corn. Made from cotton upper and a corn-based sole, 75 per cent of the shoe is made from USDA certified biological material. The news follows their announcement last year where they committed to creating shoes from ‘things that grow’. Head of Reebok Future Bill […]

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Okewa coat made from recycled bottles

Coats made from recycled bottles

New Zealand label Okewa has mastered form and function with a coat made entirely of recycled bottles. Introducing their Recycled Line, designers Nevada and Nick are expanding on their existing rainwear collection in response to our plastic epidemic. “Since plastic doesn’t decompose, or takes around 450 – 1000+ years to do so, we decided to […]

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Modern slavery man making clothing

Modern slavery still rampant in fashion

Fashion continues to be largely responsible for modern slavery, according to a new report from the Walk Free Foundation. The Global Slavery Index 2018 has found that G20 countries play a major role as they import US$354 billion of at-risk products annually. Fashion rates among the top five, and is collectively responsible for US$127 billion […]

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Clothing rack

Is it possible to combine fashion with social issues?

We think so, although it’s not a topic that should be tackled lightly. Earlier this week Benetton released their most recent campaign; two advertisements featuring images of refugees being rescued at sea, by German charity SOS Méditerranée. Both images were accompanied by Benetton’s slogan, United Colors of Benneton. Needless to say it didn’t take long […]

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