Sustainable fashion by Remuse

State of diversity

Sustainable fashion advocates, we have some work to do. In Australia, the sustainable fashion landscape is growing yet not always representative of its diverse community.

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Diversity in sustainable style

Celebrating women in sustainable style

In honour of International Women’s Day, we caught up with creative Tiffany Duliege (nee Teoh), shining a diversity lens on women working within sustainable fashion in Australia. According to The Guardian, Australian fashion week has never been good at diversity. While Virgin Melbourne Fashion Festival’s recent independent runway IDENTITY featuring Ricepaper was a breath of fresh air, […]

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Modern slavery man making clothing

Modern slavery still rampant in fashion

Fashion continues to be largely responsible for modern slavery, according to a new report from the Walk Free Foundation. The Global Slavery Index 2018 has found that G20 countries play a major role as they import US$354 billion of at-risk products annually. Fashion rates among the top five, and is collectively responsible for US$127 billion […]

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A.BCH: full disclosure from fibre to finish

Concerned with the state of the industry, designer Courtney Holm put years of development on hold. Working on her then fashion venture, Article, a men’s made-to-order street-luxe brand, Courtney began to question the supply chain and reassessed options. “Suppliers don’t always understand the need to know the full supply chain. If we’re serious about transparency, […]

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Fashion hierarchy: the solution to sustainable shopping?

A woman with a vision. She walked into our lives, inspired conversation and ignited contemplation. She is Australian model Emma Hakansson. A model, artist and ethical advocate, Emma explores the current state of fashion, how her values impact her style choices and questions, is fashion hierarchy the solution to sustainable shopping? Words by Emma Hakansson Rewind to a couple […]

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Emma Hakansson

Women of intent

Celebrating women of influence, women of intent. As we mark this year’s International Day of Women, we introduce our 2018 series, Women of Intent. With a lens on Australian women in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, we interview influential Australian women using their art and work for intent; bringing awareness and education to influence change […]

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