Sustainable fashion by Remuse

State of diversity

Sustainable fashion advocates, we have some work to do. In Australia, the sustainable fashion landscape is growing yet not always representative of its diverse community.

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Handcrafted Minima clutch in black

Slow fashion: is handcrafted clothes better?

As the move away from fast fashion continues, we’ve seen the rise in designers going back to basics. Choosing to introduce handcrafted style into our collection, we learnt more time and effort goes into production. It had us questioning: is it better? Understanding that not all handcrafted items are created equal, we explore the top five […]

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Clothing rack

Is it possible to combine fashion with social issues?

We think so, although it’s not a topic that should be tackled lightly. Earlier this week Benetton released their most recent campaign; two advertisements featuring images of refugees being rescued at sea, by German charity SOS Méditerranée. Both images were accompanied by Benetton’s slogan, United Colors of Benneton. Needless to say it didn’t take long […]

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Fashion hierarchy: the solution to sustainable shopping?

A woman with a vision. She walked into our lives, inspired conversation and ignited contemplation. She is Australian model Emma Hakansson. A model, artist and ethical advocate, Emma explores the current state of fashion, how her values impact her style choices and questions, is fashion hierarchy the solution to sustainable shopping? Words by Emma Hakansson Rewind to a couple […]

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