Fashion hierarchy: the solution to sustainable shopping?

A woman with a vision. She walked into our lives, inspired conversation and ignited contemplation. She is Australian model Emma Hakansson. A model, artist and ethical advocate, Emma explores the current state of fashion, how her values impact her style choices and questions, is fashion hierarchy the solution to sustainable shopping? Words by Emma Hakansson Rewind to a couple […]

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Emma Hakansson

Women of intent

Celebrating women of influence, women of intent. As we mark this year’s International Day of Women, we introduce our 2018 series, Women of Intent. With a lens on Australian women in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, we interview influential Australian women using their art and work for intent; bringing awareness and education to influence change […]

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The art of style

Surrounded by fabrics and couture from an early age, it was inevitable that Melbourne stylist, Stephanie Gaspodini would carve a creative path, inspired by the beauty of fabric. From playing in store-front windows to working with some of Melbourne’s top creatives, Stephanie has come a long way. Inspired by her unique take on styling with […]

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Natural beauty

She lets her own beauty shine through. Unfazed by trends, makeup artist Laura Di Francesco focuses on enhancing natural beauty, accentuating the features that make you, you. Lush skin, dewy finishes, popping eyes and natural brows, we couldn’t wait to catch up with Laura to learn the techniques that let your natural beauty shine through. With […]

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Silk slip dress

Changing the future of fashion

Purposeful, determined and compassionate. Chandler Busby is all of those things and more. The woman behind Haiti Design Co., a non-profit artisan production and training centre behind these bags, Chandler is changing the future of fashion, one bag at a time. Following part 1 of our interview with Chandler, we got right into the details this […]

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Haiti Design Co

How one bag is breaking down the cycle of poverty

Behind the tropical beauty of palms, cobblestones and balmy weather, there is an inspiring story of hope, education and sustainability on the beautiful island of Haiti. The hometown of Haiti Design Co; a non-profit artisan production and training centre in Port au Prince, it provides hope and sustainable futures for more than 70 artisans employed […]

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