A.BCH: full disclosure from fibre to finish

Concerned with the state of the industry, designer Courtney Holm put years of development on hold. Working on her then fashion venture, Article, a men’s made-to-order street-luxe brand, Courtney began to question the supply chain and reassessed options. “Suppliers don’t always understand the need to know the full supply chain. If we’re serious about transparency, […]

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Pamela Card's Medina necklace

Bringing art forms to life

Modern relics with a story.  Inspired by history and handcrafted in Vancouver, Pamela Card uses the ancient process of lost wax to develop unique jewellery creations. A move away from mass production, we caught up with Pamela to learn about the process behind the unique art forms, hand made in-house using responsible craftsmanship. Tell me about the […]

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Who made my bag? The rise of Fashion Revolution

The bag that started it all. In 2016 we stumbled across Haiti Design Co. Drawn to their quality, handcrafted bags, it was the stories behind the designs that made an impact. An artisan collective, Haiti Design Co employ 151 artisans of which 15 are responsible for their leather bag production. More than just a fusion of good […]

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Fashion hierarchy: the solution to sustainable shopping?

A woman with a vision. She walked into our lives, inspired conversation and ignited contemplation. She is Australian model Emma Hakansson. A model, artist and ethical advocate, Emma explores the current state of fashion, how her values impact her style choices and questions, is fashion hierarchy the solution to sustainable shopping? Words by Emma Hakansson Rewind to a couple […]

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Emma Hakansson

Women of intent

Celebrating women of influence, women of intent. As we mark this year’s International Day of Women, we introduce our 2018 series, Women of Intent. With a lens on Australian women in the fashion, beauty and lifestyle industries, we interview influential Australian women using their art and work for intent; bringing awareness and education to influence change […]

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The art of style

Surrounded by fabrics and couture from an early age, it was inevitable that Melbourne stylist, Stephanie Gaspodini would carve a creative path, inspired by the beauty of fabric. From playing in store-front windows to working with some of Melbourne’s top creatives, Stephanie has come a long way. Inspired by her unique take on styling with […]

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