Minimalist style. Aesthetic approach. Fair labour practice.

Our approach is simple; to bring you well-made style essentials that have been made right.


Minimalist style

Style is timeless and so are our essentials. We choose to partner with brands that produce quality and timeless essentials that can be used time and time again. Living in a world where brands churn out trends to keep up with demand, we choose to do the opposite. We value quality over quantity, style over trends. We focus on key pieces that can be layered and paired season-to-season, for the ultimate capsule wardrobe.


Aesthetic approach

Beautiful and quality essentials are our essentials. We house styles that are aesthetically pleasing as they are minimalist and fair. Style pieces for the modern minimalist, we prefer simple style pieces that will look beautiful in your wardrobe for years to come.


Fair labour practice

Beauty is what captures our eye but stories are what capture our soul. We believe in supporting brands that support safe working conditions, where workers are treated and compensated fairly. We want you to feel confident knowing that your money is supporting people along the development chain. We don’t claim to be flawless but are forever asking questions to bring you the right essentials that support people.